Day 66: Zero in Mammoth Lakes #2

Wed. 6/26/13
0 miles, currently at PCT mile 906.7
Red’s Meadow/Mammoth Lakes


Aloha doing his thing, picking up backpackers

Another very successful zero day. How do I know? I don’t have a lot to write about. We didn’t do much.

After packing up, checking out of our room and saying farewell to Brown Bag as he left to work his way back to the trail, we head to a coffee shop. Tears wanted to transfer some photos, and I did the same. After that we met up with the PRT crew again and made our way to the awesome condo we were all sharing. It had 4 bedrooms and lots of beds.

We played some Mario Party before heading out to see a movie. Mmmm, popcorn. We saw “Man of Steel.” It was pretty good.

Back at the condo we all lazed around – all 13 of us! It was really fun. We talked about all kinds of stuff… trails, plans, callusses, our feet swelling in towns, our feet itching in towns… lots about feet.

Mr. Green made spaghetti for everyone and it was awesome. I overate, happily. More Mario Party. Wine. Bad movies…


Mmmm... foooooood...

Aaah, now to decide when to hit the trail. I feel the pull of a town vortex.

Oh! Hoop Dreams said to Tears and I that we aren’t just PRT “members at large,” we’re “members at huge.” Yay! What a fun group of really awesome people. I love these guys!

Tonight I love all of the new friends I’ve made.


Mom's rhubarb cookies. Yum!


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