Day 65: Zero in Mammoth Lakes #1

Tue. 6/25/13
0 miles, currently at PCT mile 906.7
Red’s Meadow/Mammoth Lakes


The Cinnamon Bear B&B

The idea for our zero day today was to get as many hiker chores done as we could so tomorrow’s zero would mostly play and relaxation. We did okay.

Adam and I got up and scarfed down an omelet breakfast. Then we head to Motel 6 to pick up our good trail buddy, Fuller, to bring him to the Red’s Meadow shuttle so he could get back on the trail. We went back to get Tears and Brown Bag, then hit the laundromat. Laundry done. A chore done. Yay!

We went to a local gear shop where I got a new Platy bladder. Hopefully no more leaks! Two chores done.

Then Von’s grocery where we bought WAY too much food. Having a resupply car allows us to go a little overboard, so now we just need to find the room for it! Three chores… getting there!


Piled in the pickle jar with bags of food on our laps.

Then we ate wingies, pizza and had a beer at the Outlaw Saloon. Best pizza on the PCT so far! Best service, too! Eating a lot in towns is another important chore. That makes four.

Next… fixing wardrobe issues. Tears and I both opted to visit a local seamstress to take in our clothes. My skirt is at Ruth’s house. For $6 I should be good to go tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about this! She also taught us a cool stitch to fix backpacking rips and tears with floss. She even gave us an awesome curved needle to take with us! Thanks, Ruth! That makes five chores… gettin’ stuff done!


Getting pinned by Ruth.

We met up with PRT and some others at the Whiskey Creek brewpub. We had some drinks and watched them enjoy their fresh-off-the-trail dinners.


Hiker trash dinner. It's how we roll.

And the biggest chore… food organization and resupply. We exploded. Ziplocks flew around the room, food came out of their original boxes and bags. We are covered for the next seven trail days… and we have tons left over. Thanks to our friends and family that have mailed us goodies, too! We’ve got the best variety of snacks! Six big fat chores completed.


Room explosion. It was a serious mess!

A quick dip in the hot tub, this blog update, and now it’s time to play a little Mario Party with Aloha. We have a few small things to take care of again tomorrow, but mostly we’ll try to relax so we’re ready to get back on the trail Thursday morning.

Oh, pack mule, shmack mule… all we need is a snack mule. Haha!

Tonight I love reuniting with trail friends we haven’t seen in a while… Fuller, Phatmandu, Messenger, Maggie, Focus, PRT… among others. Hiker towns are fun and such a cool part of this whole adventure!


The pickle jar threw up gear and food!


My favorite part of zeroes. Aloha. ♡


One thought on “Day 65: Zero in Mammoth Lakes #1

  1. LOOKING GOOD !!! Enjoy your zero’s and hike on, say hi to everyone from the gang in P-Town. Love You and Godspeed !!!! — Pappy —

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