Day 57: Feeling lazy

Mon. 6/17/13
0 miles (currently at mile 788.5, Bullfrog Lake Trail)


Got stuck here for an extra night. Ahhh.

I didn’t want to get out of that soft, comfy bed with those squishy pillows and Adam at my side. I got way too comfy. We were still planning on hitting the trail in the afternoon, but after talking with Tears while Aloha and I ate lunch, we agreed to stay another night and not rush our resupply and hiking chores… and relax more.

I replaced some of my depleted supply of toiletries first. I took my time filling my sunscreen, wrapping up toilet paper, replacing worn-out ziplock bags, replacing empty toothpaste and hand sanitizer, and refilling my ibuprofen bottle.

After toiletries were finished, Tears and I took a walk to the market, which was expensive with a limited supply of choices, but we managed to come back with some smaller, lighter meals and a lot of snacks. We’re going with couscous, mashed potatoes, and ramen on this stretch. We need eight full days’ worth of food – it’s darn heavy and doesn’t all fit in our bear canisters. We’ll have to camp near bear boxes the first couple of nights. There are permanent bear-proof metal boxes by campsites every so often through this area, so we’ll hopefully be able to work that into our plan as we go.

Food resupply went pretty smoothly – it mostly involved rebagging stuff into ziplocks so it would take up less room. I had a hard time deciding how to count my snacks, so I hope I have enough!


Eight days of food.

We went across the street to a pizza place for dinner. I got spaghetti and meatballs, which is something I’ve been craving for a while… since my dad mentioned his signature “buck balls and bowties,” which is venison meatballs with bowtie pasta. My spaghetti wasn’t the same, but it filled me up with good calories and protein.


Dinner with Team PRT

Now we’re sitting on our buns in the hotel room watching Wolverine. I lotioned up my feet, got a little backrub from Aloha and I’m about ready to fall asleep. We hope to get up early tomorrow to get back on trail so we can climb back up to Kearsarge Pass to get us back to the PCT. Eight miles until we get back on trail.

We’re going to have another long stretch without much service, so my next blog entries will probably come in a chunk like this last set. I’ve been getting some really sweet comments and messages from those of you reading along, and I just want to take a minute to say thanks again for reading and your support. You encourage me so much to keep writing! Some nights I’m pretty pooped out and just want to crash, but I enjoy writing, and knowing I have you as followers, it makes it even more worth it. So thanks!

Tonight I love warm hugs. I can’t seem to get enough of them lately.


Hi from Aloha and Toots!


8 thoughts on “Day 57: Feeling lazy

  1. Hello Robin,
    I am a mother of a thru-hiker from Wisconsin who is reading your blog too. Derek and Michele are a few days behind you and it is so comforting to read your site and have an idea of what is coming for them. I hope you will meet up with them and wish you the best in all your travels.
    Mauston Mother

  2. A few years ago my wife and I picked up a pct guy named “one gallon” at Independence and hauled him to Bishop. Whow, he is something else! A triple pct’er, Appalachian trail, kayaked from Maine to Texas on the inland waterway. He got his name from downing a gallon of ice cream in one sitting. My trail name is “Go lightly” , earned from that stuff you drink before a colonoscopy.

  3. Hey Kid, i noticed on your gotospot that you are hanging in alot of 10’s and 11’s what are your temps like during the day and nights? got Gram’s linked into your blog she’s ” diggin it” get a chance say hi to her. the contact Jen F. from Sacramento about the mail we would be more than happy to accept it here and put it in the next resupply. Thanks for the happy wishes on Father’s day, sorry we missed your calls darn lightning!! Keep the pic’s coming really awesome. “HIKE ON” “one foot in front of the other and step over the logs” Miss you all alot. Love You — Pappy —

  4. I so look forward to reading your blog that when you post a bunch together I force myself to not read them all at once. I love how you express your feelings. Be safe

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