Day 50: Goosebumps

Mon. 6/10/13
7.3 miles (Miles 702.2 – 709.5)
Kennedy Meadows –  PCT Mile 709.5


Leaving Kennedy Meadows

“Whoa… what? I have goosebumps?” I actually said this today – while I was hiking! I think our oven-hot streak is over. The town of Ridgecrest that we were staying in hit 115º a couple of days ago, and I overheard someone say something about record highs. It’s a little cooler in Kennedy Meadows because it’s higher in elevation than Ridgecrest, but it was still sweat-standing-still-in-the-shade kind of temps. We were thrilled to see the temp a bit lower today.

We woke up in our comfy bed with comfy pillows this morning and walked over to the free breakfast buffet. After that Tears and I resupplied our food for the next six days – our longest stretch yet. We also have to use our bear-proof canisters now, so it was interesting trying to stuff everything in them. We got almost everything – all but a few snacks. I’m carrying my ursack to hold the overflow for one night. By tomorrow everything should fit in the canisters.

After food resupply was done and our packs were loaded up and heavy again, Aloha, Tears and I all jumped in the pool. We cleaned up, loaded up the pickle jar, checked out and hit town. We did a little light shopping and ate lunch. After one last bathroom stop we headed bach to Kennedy Meadows to get back on trail.

Aloha brought us right to the trailhead where we took care of a few last-minute things, I said good-bye for six days and Tears and I set out. It was 4:30pm when we got on the trail, and we definitely beat the heat! The temps were fantastic! It even hot kind of cool towards evening. When we got to camp I had goosebumps!


Trails starting to look less desert-y.

We hiked through more deep, sandy trails, which is always a challenge, and my heavy pack was making it feel a little tougher. At least we didn’t have too far to go. Get this! We passed by like three water sources in the seven miles we hiked tonight! THREE! AND… we are camped next to a stream! Say whaaaat!?



This is getting exciting! My heart has been beating a little faster with anticipation since we got on trail today. I know there are some overwhelmingly beautiful things coming up in these next six days. I just hope I survive the sensory overload to write about it!


Sierras! This means... mountains!

Sidenote: I called the forest service today to let them know about the bear I saw, since other hikers had seen him and had similar stories… he’s just going to get bigger and more brave, and that could get scary. I just pray the poor, hungry little guy can be relocated… it’s just what I’m going to believe will happen to him.

Tonight I love soft, squishy pillows. I wish I could carry those out here with me!


Super-vibrant indian paintbrush flowers


Happy... as always!


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