Day 49: Anniversary zero day

Sun. 6/9/13
0 miles, currently at Mile 702.2 at Kennedy Meadows


Kennedy Meadows general store

It was a good zero day. I think I got a lot of little things done, but I don’t feel like I did anything. I would say that means it was a successful day off. I didn’t even take hardly any pictures, which is really rare for me!

I woke up next to Adam on our 12th wedding anniversary, and that was the highlight of my day. It really made those two long, hard hiking days totally worth pushing through. We woke up and went to the hotel’s amazing, free breakfast buffet, showered, then head back to Kennedy Meadows to meet up with Tears – I figured from her Spot location last night that she’d be out around 11:00. (Adam and I stayed in the town of Ridgecrest, an hour away from Kennedy Meadows.)

She was at the general store ordering a burger when we arrived. We hung out there and caught up from the last couple of days, talked with hikers we knew, made tentative plans with friends, and met some new really nice other hikers we hadn’t met on the trail yet.

Kennedy Meadows – it’s an interesting place. For us hikers, it’s basically the general store and that’s it. Resupplying here is expensive, but I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s hard to get stuff trucked in often to keep their supplies stocked. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere! Most people have resupply boxes shipped here.


The back porch - a great place to hang out, eat and talk trail.

Where we are on trail is pretty much a dead zone for phone and internet coverage, and from here we hike into the high Sierras where we still won’t have much coverage (since we’re in Ridgecrest tonight again we’re able to take care of some things before we head back out). So don’t worry if you don’t see a blog post for a week or so – it just means I’m playing in mountain lakes, smiling, climbing Mt. Whitney and soaking in scenery.

A lot of people stay in Kennedy Meadows and camp out in the back yard for a day or two to get their resupplies ready for this next long stretch of trail. Our next best resupply is 6 days out, and that includes an 8-mile hike off the PCT in addition to a 35-mile hitch. Some people decide to carry 11-14 days worth of food and skip this off-trail resupply option. We are also required to carry bear-proof canisters for the next 400-or-so miles, and there’s no way I can fit 11-days of food in my bear canister! Nor do I want to carry that weight! We’re choosing an extra 16-mile round trip over carrying all that food weight and pretty happy with the decision.

After we got Tears we head back to town and to our hotel. We went to dinner at the Grape Leaf, which is an excellent authentic Greek restaurant. Other things I did today: cleaned my pack zippers, trimmed nails (all 20), pumiced my feet a little, consolidated bounce boxes, cleaned my water bladder, bottles, and spoon, sewed a hole on my gaiter, soaked in a hot tub, and uploaded a few more photos to Facebook. So I kept steadily busy, but it still felt relaxing.

I wish I’d have taken more photos to show today, but I was just lazy with the camera. However, as I was consolidating some of my resupply bounce box, I had to take a picture of one particular item I packed WAY too much of. I don’t know what I was thinking! No girl needs this many tampons for 5 months! I could be an OB dealer on the trail with this amount. With this much supply I’d definitely be pinned with “intent to sell,” don’t ya think? I’m a goof sometimes! I’ll be glad to send these home – they’re taking up lots of room!


Tonight (and always) I love Adam. All day long I thought a lot about him, us, all the years we’ve known each other, and how much I appreciate his unwavering, unconditional love for me. When he asked me to marry him, I was being a complete grump and even kind of mean… and he still wanted to hold me and tell me he loved me. Adam… I love you! Happy Anniversary! ♥


Me and Adam in college. We look young, hey?


3 thoughts on “Day 49: Anniversary zero day

  1. Wow, I would never have recognized you! Bonne Anniversaire!

    You should check out Irelan’s, a mile down the road from the general store, good for a story. Also, FYI I’m getting cell reception at mile 734.5, can’t miss it, it’s the first view down to Lake Owens.

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