Day 46: Haulin’ for some town-time

Thurs. 6/6/13
17.2 miles (Miles 634.1 – 651.3)
PCT Mile 634.1 – Walker Pass Campground



We woke up to yet another beautiful sunrise as three other hikers went cruising by wearing headlamps. It was before 5am. This is pretty normal on a day so close to a potential town stop… or to beat the heat and get to water by siesta. Either way, it helped us get up and get going.


Morning sunrise

We hiked on some not-as-sandy-thank-goodness-trails for most of the day, and I even got another 10×10 – 10 miles by 10am! We took a few breaks, but we flew on down the trail, getting out 17+ miles by 2:00.

Just about a mile from the campground where Aloha was going to pick us up… around the corner came this hiker… wearing a hawaiian shirt! I was so excited I actually cried a little. To see his smiling face felt so good. I gave him a giant, sweaty hug and he pulled out cold, dripping Gatorades!

Just then, Seeker hiked up and got in on the cold drinks. Then Tears came, too. We chugged those things like we’ve never seen Gatorade before! We were all getting low on water, too. And it was getting oven-hot again. Thank you, Aloha!


ALOHA! With cold Gatorade! Have I mention how much I love this guy?

We worked our way to the campground where we’d been hearing rumors down the trail for the past three days that there was going to be this giant “hiker feed.” None of us wanted to get our hopes up, but I think we did anyway… how could we not hope for a burger and a cold soda? Aloha said it was posted with the wrong dates so there was no event. Boo…

Then we got to the campground where Coppertone, Okie Girl and Yogi were giving out all kinds of treats! Aloha was sworn to secrecy so it would be a surprise. It was, and it was great.


Big-time trail magic!

After relaxing in the shade with a couple of sodas we head to Lake Isabella to Nelda’s. They have two full pages of milkshake flavors! I got Love Potion #9, which is a fruity, delicious concoction of wonderfulness. I was a happy girl. I also got an awesome grilled chicken salad.


Ohmygosh... so yummy!

The rest of our evening took place at the KOA. We showered, did laundry, resupplied, and enjoyed cherry slushies from the store while we worked and organized. Seeker hung out with us the whole time, so that’s cool – he’s really good company… patient, too!

Next we head 52 miles to Kennedy Meadows. Tears and are going to go solo for this short stretch. We thought we’d give it a try and just see how it goes. It’s something we talked about during planning the hike and we thought this might be a good spot to try it. I might decide to challenge myself and do some big miles, but it depends on heat and how I’m feeling. I have incentive, though. Sunday is my and Aloha’s 12th wedding anniversary, so if I get out later Saturday night I can spend all day with him. We’ll see how it goes.

I must stop rambling! Good night all!

Tonight I love those mountains. We’re starting to see some big ones off in the distance.


Fooooood! Bear canisters! Homemade zucchini bread! Hiker jerky! Yum!

Thanks mom and dad for the resupply box! Yummy hiker jerky chewies, a candy necklace, and some homemade zucchini bread! I can’t wait for breakfast!


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