Day 43: Push on through…

Mon. 6/3/13
20 miles (Miles 572.9 – 592.9)
PCT Mile 572.9 – PCT Mile 592.9


The scenery is always increible.

I’m writing this on my siesta. Usually I wait until camp, after dinner, to write my blogs. Because of the heat out here, we’ve been taking longer siestas and hiking later into the day so it’s getting tougher to stay up and write. I thought I’d give this a shot.

This morning we woke up with the ants. They really wanted our breakfast, but we didn’t share much – just a corner of Tears’ pop tart. Thankfully they weren’t biters, so it was easier to share the space with them. They just crawled blindly across everything and made us feel crawly.

We hiked along an ATV trail for a while this morning, then head into some really awesome hills. We had trees, jagged rocks and twisty trails. It wad breezy, the sky wad deep blue, and the lichen on the rocks was fluorescent green, orange and red. It might be desert out here, but if you look hard enough you can find all kinds if color. It’s really pretty cool.


Amazing lichen

We are at our water source for our siesta. It’s spring water trickling through a pipe at about 1 liter every 3 minutes. It’s a pretty slow process.  There’s probably 20 of us taking a long nappy break here, too, so there’s a constant line for the spring. We all collect at these places because it simply makes the most sense. Our next water is in 18 miles… sigh… that means we carry a lot out. So heavy, but I’m so happy to have it! Alright! Nap-time for this girl!


Takes about 3 minutes to fill 1 liter. Oy. But yay for water!


Potato chips and peanut butter pita!

I’m in camp now. I just finished a Mac n Cheese dinner with bacon bits and pepperjack cheese added. It was really awesome. Teeth are brushed and flossed, bathroom trip complete, self foot rub with Tiger Balm done, and almost ready for bed.

This afternoon is kind of tough to put into words because I struggled emotionally with my thoughts – back and forth, back and forth. It was just a tough stretch that I don’t want to dwell on too much… it’s kinda’ how I gotta’ roll sometimes.

The scenery was interesting, for sure. We walked through what had to be a pretty recent burn, because there was barely any vegetation growing yet. There were a few sprouts of green here and there but that was about it. It all had an eerie beauty about it… all the charred trees still standing like silhouettes with colorful mountains in the background that were taking on the sun’s afternoon golden hues… I love reliving these scenes as I write about them. I already feel better about the afternoon. I just realized I enjoyed that stretch way more than I thought. I just needed to redirect how I was thinking about it. Did you know you were reading my therapeutic blog? :)


Burn area.

A highlight from today was how many people told me how awesome my husband is… and how he was a life-saver… and how a cold Gatorade never tasted so good… and how Aloha rocks. He’s really helping out a lot of people out there! It makes me smile and feel really proud to be his wife. I might be the luckiest girl on the trail. So much to be happy about…

Tonight I love the process I’m in of finding my inner happy when I need it most. It was a thoughtful day, and I have concluded that I am happy pretty much always.


Goodnight, hot sun! See you again tomorrow.


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