Day 36: Sore foot-balls

Mon. 5/27/13
7.5 miles (Miles 478.2 – 485.7)
Anderson’s Casa de Luna – Red Carpet Cache


Pretty fuzzy purple flowers.

I woke up in Anderson’s manzanita grove this morning in time for Joe’s amazing pancake breakfast. We kind of sat around and relaxed for the first part of the day. We packed up our camps, ate some food, chit-chatted with some other hikers and slowly got ourelves pumped up to hike a short day.


Camp in the manzanitas.

Before leaving the Anderson’s we made sure to sign the big sheet and say good-bye to Joe and Terrie. They are really super-sweet people, and it really is kind of hard to leave. Just as we said we were heading out, Terrie says, “you mean you’re not staying for root beer floats?” We got big hugs from both of them, and as we took a good-bye photo, Tears and I got a good bun-squeeze from Terrie. Be careful if you decide to flash a moon at her, too – she’s got quite the slap! According to Aloha it’ll sting up to an hour afterward! Haha! It was a really fun morning!


Our trail names on the official Casa de Luna sheet!


Bun-squeezin'. ♡

Aloha dropped us off at the trailhead and we got hiking around 1:00… the beginning of the hottest part of the day! It wasn’t too bad though. We climbed and took our time starting out. Tears was careful with her ankle and I was babying really sore foot-balls – the front pads of my feet and a spot on my heel were very tender on every step. It’s difficult to hike while trying to not use your feet! I need new insoles! And maybe new shoes, too. I’ll replace one at a time and see what happens. This process begins tomorrow. Thank goodness!

So I was struggling a little with my feet today, and I was really tired, but I was on the trail and that made me smiley and happy.


PCT = Great views every single day!

After about 6.5 miles we met up with Aloha! He decided to hike in a little and meet up with us. What a nice surprise to see him in his Hawaiian shirt coming up the trail towards us!

We got to the red carpet cache and drank a cold soda, visited with other hikers and head out. We are in town, now… again! I have an appointment in Encino tomorrow morning, so we had to get off-trail early. We are getting so antsy and excited to get a five-day stretch of just hiking in! Soon we will!


So many purples!

I craved a good meal tonight, which was kind of a big deal. Aloha and Tears went along with the idea. Food doesn’t ever take much convincing! We ate at a local restaurant that had some great choices for dinners. I enjoyed split pea soup, cottage cheese, mango-pineapple salmon, a ginormous baked potato, steamed veggies, a glass of milk and some garlic toast. I didn’t eat all of it, but most of it! I think my body was happy for the nutrition. I’ve been just dragging since being sick… it felt so very good to eat like that!

Tonight I love Aloha’s beard. It makes sense… I love him, and I love beards! And he’s sitting right next to me. :)


Hippie daycare.


Come on, heel... hang in there. New insoles coming soon!


Hangin' with my hubs... getting photo bombed by Guino.


2 thoughts on “Day 36: Sore foot-balls

  1. My time machine to what happens on the trail next has returned to present time. Honey Bunny raved about the pancakes this morning. Glad you are feeling better. If you run across Honey Bunny post a photo for me!

    • I talked to Honey Bunny for a good half hour the night Toots got to Andersons. We got no pics but we talked to Viking for a while about vacation time in Europe.

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