Day 34: Sleepwalking

Sat. 5/25/13
10.3 miles (Miles 444.2 – 454.5)
Soledad Canyon Rd. – Hiker Heaven/Saufley’s


This is how I felt today... such a bummer.

I had a rough day…

Last night I was working out some sort of bug. I got really sick and spent my night in the hotel room alternating between shivering under three blankets, rushing to the toilet, throwing up, and sometimes an awful combination. It was ugly. I can’t remember the last time I was sick like that, but I thought I was going to die. I think I had my last episode around 1:30am, and was able to get some sleep after that.

I thought I’d hike this morning to see how it went, not knowing if it was a really dumb choice or not since I had to have been terribly dehydrated. Thankfully Tears was with me in case I became delerious or something. We also only had to go about 10 miles to get to Saufley’s, who are super-famous PCT trail angels in Agua Dulce. We made it here and decided to stay.

I hung in there okay while hiking, but I was mostly sleepwalking. I didn’t have much appetite, so I was low on fuel, and my reserves all literally went down the toilet last night. I knew I wasn’t myself when I struggled up the smallest climbs and prayed for downhill. I enjoyed what I could using what little energy I had, but i probably missed a few things because I was focusing so much on my footsteps. I told Tears that I think my reserve was using stubborness instead of food-fuel…

Needless to say, it was probably a wise choice to stop here tonight. When we rolled in around 3pm, we got the tour and I found a cot to nap on. I think I slept for a good hour, and as the evening progressed I started getting my appetite back. I ate lunch followed a short while later with dinner. Best of all, it stayed down with only a slight bit of indigestion. Thank goodness! Tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep, I hope to be back to good ol’ me.


Saufley's Hiker Heaven. Loaner clothes, hiker boxes, horsies, cots, tents, laundry, showers, etc.

We did walk through Vasquez Natural Area today. There was an episode of Star Trek filmed here, and the slanted rocks were very fun to see. It was a buzzing place from being a holiday weekend, too.


Vasquez Rocks

As soon as we walked out of the park, Aloha drove up! He dropped Jon off at LAX this morning and made it back in time to check on us. The Saufley’s are about a mile off-trail, so he waited on the corner for us to give us a ride… and he had smoothies for us from the corner bakery! It was actually refreshing and the first thing my tummy took really well.

So it was my first really rough day… but I think I did a pretty good job of staying positive, so I’m happy about that. I had a tweak in my hip, too, which worried me… I think I must’ve knocked something out of alignment in my back from heaving last night. It feels much better already. Being sick really sucks, and I’m really happy it’s behind me. No more of that!

Tonight I love not puking!


Oh, yippee!




I can't see a darned thing in this tunnel! It's so dark! (Love ya, mom!)


4 thoughts on “Day 34: Sleepwalking

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  2. What a rotten day, but I’m glad you were able to see it through. It must be due to the Grandma in you! Love you!

  3. Hey Kid, hope you shake the crap and feel better today, hike on !!!! glad to see you guys are doing so well. we are putting together your next supply drop box. i will give you a call next time you are in phonezone. love you and keep truckin!! your — Pappy —

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