Day 32: Low-key

Thurs. 5/23/13
0 miles
Currently at PCT Mile 444.2, at Soledad Canyon Road


What a great little motel!

I didn’t do a whole lot today. Aloha and I slept in until about 8am back in the Anderson’s manzanita garden. They have a little pathway that winds through with a whole bunch of small flat patches for hikers to camp. It’s kind of mystical – totally cool.

We got rolling so we could grab some ice and check into our hotel before picking Tears and Jon up from the trail. We got our room and threw a whole bunch of stuff in there so we’d have room for the four of us comfortably later in the pickle jar.

We restocked the Soledad Canyon cache with an iced cooler with sodas, Gatorade and a box of chips, then head back to the KOA to pick up Tears and Jon. We went straight to the hotel so they could get a shower, then we all went to In-N-Out Burger for dinner and swung through Walgreens on the way back to the hotel.

I bought Calamine lotion. I have a line of questionable red bumps on my knee that I suspect might be from the stupid poodle dog. Lion King has gotten it and just said to keep it clean… which can be tough while on the trail! He said to use Purell to clean and dry it out. I plan to just keep it as manageable as I can. Hopefully it’s nothing anyway.

See? I told ya I didn’t do much today!

Right now I’m at The Rock Inn in Lake Hughes. Adam found karaoke, and Lion King is a karaoke star, too! They’re singing and I’m cheering for them. Oh zero days… tomorrow we take care of hike stuff – resupply and schedule. I have another stinkin’ zero I have to take next Wed. for an appointment. Grr… I just need to keep hiking! I might go a month straight after that! Hah!


Adam singing!

Tonight I love my knee-high stripey socks. They keep me warm and they’re fun.


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