Day 31: Zero trail angel day

Wed. 5/22/13
0 miles
Currently at PCT Mile 444.2, at Soledad Canyon Road


Chillin' out with some trail magic!

What better way to spend a zero day?  Doing trail magic with Aloha? Nothing better! Especially when the day ends at Casa de Luna… a famous vortex of trail magic brought to you by Terrie and Joe Anderson. I feel at home. Mom and dad… seriously, you would never leave this oasis!  Hippy day care. Yup, it’s awesome fun. It makes me miss your bonfires, steaks and huge skillet breakfasts!

Every once in a while I have to remind myself where I’m at…

Life is good.


Lots of hiker trash at Anderson's. Great group of people!

I woke up with Aloha at the KOA this morning, replenished the Gatorade cache cooler at Soledad Canyon and from there head out to the red carpet cache. We supplied Cactus Cooler, PBR, Pepsi, chips and gourmet chocolate cupcakes. We stuck around until about 3:30 and head back to the Anderson’s. It’s been a relaxing day. What in the world am I going to do with two more zero days? I hope we get time for more trail magic – it’s so fun!

I’m excited that Tears and I will be able to come through here in a few days, and I’ll get to enjoy this again. Aloha plans to help out with rides while we’re hiking.

I still have two zeroes to go before we hit the trail again, though. I feel like I’m on vacation from a vacation. It’s quite a strange place to be – but I’m certainly not complaining! I can’t wait to get back into the hiking routine. Three days might make me soft! Gotta stay tough for the desert coming up! Mojave!

Tonight I love an ice cold PBR enjoyed under a cottonwood tree.




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