Day 24: McDonalds at Cajon Pass

Wed. 5/15/13
16 miles (Miles 326 – 342)
Silverwood Lake – I-15/Cajon Pass


This trail just doesn't run out of mountains! It's pretty awesome!

We ended up sleeping pretty well last night, and no critters or people bothered us. Not even the ants, which kept waking me up the night before. I seem to have a knack for finding their hills and sitting or sleeping very close to them.

We hiked from camp to the Silverwood Lake Recreation Area, where we took a break, used the flushy toilets, threw out our garbage in a trash can, and filled water. A park maintenance truck pulled up while we were resting, and the lady got out, walked over and handed us a baggie with fresh orange slices in it! What a sweet treat! Thanks, Ranger K!


Ranger K, me and Tears with fresh orange slices! Yum!

We hiked on pretty steady, working our way towards Cajon Pass. There is a McDonalds there. I kept thinking about french fries. That kept me going, despite a new pain in my left foot. The callus in the middle of the front of my foot is acting puffy and irritated. I have hopes that it’s just fatigue, swelling, and possibly a sign that I’m ready for a new pair of shoes… and not a deep blister. That would be bad! Positive thoughts… positive thoughts… :-)

We flew through some neat scenery and made our 16 miles in about 7 hours. Aloha and the Pickle Jar were there waiting for us, so we didn’t even have to walk the .4 miles off-trail to the McD’s! I stuffed my face with about 2,000 calories. Double cheeseburger, large fries, chicken snack wrap, large Coke, and some chicken nuggets. Yowzers!


Tears and I excited to get some foooood!

We saw a lot of hiker friends that we’ve been playing leapfrog with on the trail for the past couple of weeks. It’s so much fun to get to these little places where thru-hikers collect.

After food we drove near our route the next few days to plan pick-up points.  Tears’ boyfriend is going to be hiking with us for a few days so it was nice to get a visual of our plan. There are some serious hills… mountains coming up. Big climbs with a lack water resources, too. And apparently tricky intersections. We saw two other PCT hikers that came down to the road after making a wrong turn. Hopefully we’ll get through this section with no problems. The head’s up on all this info is helpful, if only to be mentally prepared for it!

Our Meetup buddy from back home, Randall, sent us a resupply box with meat from the Old Wisconsin outlet. Perfectly-portioned meat sticks and slices, jelly critters, jelly beans, Tyvek, a birthday gift for Tears (June 1!) and a couple of other treats. Even some temporary tattoos for fun! Thanks Randall!


Blinged out with a crown.


Meat resupply! Yummmm!

We are staying at the Best Western. We showered, had Del Taco and beer for dinner, sat in the hot tub, took care of some chores, and are soon to pass out. I may linger, though. Aloha is giving me a foot rub right now. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this guy!?


Ohhh yeeeah.

Deep thoughts from today:

Something I need to work on – shutting out irrational over-dramatic thoughts I tend get on last stretches before coming into town. I stupidly worry that there might be terrible news waiting for me when I get into civilization and turn my phone on. It’s silliness! I have quite a few things I’ve been working on in my mind as I hike since there’s some time for personal reflection, and I feel like I’m making some headway on some of it. But I still have a lot more to think about!

I also want to thank you all for reading this blog, and I don’t always get a chance to reply to your comments, but I see them and really appreciate them! They really help keep me going… so thank you! :)

And, one last thing… Tears and I  discussed the salt lines on our clothing today. It’s quite impressive how much we can sweat out here – and we’re having fun wearing these salt lines like a badge of honor!


There's 3 layers of salt lines on the back of my skirt!


Breaking camp at Silverwood Lake


Amazing flower. I see all the flowers along the trail as little smiles.


Cool PCT sign on a power line tower.


Horned toad! These guys are so CUTE!


7 thoughts on “Day 24: McDonalds at Cajon Pass

  1. Me too…
    It’s fascinating to see all those desert-y scenes while it drizzles here in Oregon. I hope your feet settle down for the long and delightful journey to the great northwest. Our many volcanic mountains and lush ferns await you.

  2. I too look forward to your blog every update. I love that you’re such an upbeat & positive person. It makes me happy. :)

  3. Man, I haven’t had a double cheeseburger in so long. Yum. Do you know that California Poppy is our state flower? ;-)

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