Day 20: A weeklong zero day

Sat. 5/11/13
0 miles
Currently at PCT Mile 266, Hwy 18 at Big Bear Lake


Enjoying fudgy sundaes on our date

I did so much today that it felt like a week has passed! I did stress a little early on, but I recognized it and decided to relax, hug Adam and roll with the day. Also, a fellow hiker, Sphinx, gave me some excellent advice after I explained to him how I get overwhelmed on zeroes. I’m very excited to put this to use… he said, “Everything you’re doing on your zero day is relaxing. Just take it slow and enjoy it.” It makes sense too. I’m not hiking, so my feet and legs are resting. It’s just a simpler way of thinking about it.


Another food resupply explosion!

I was able to get a little taste of what Aloha’s busy day looks like today. I got up early with him to attend to the Onyx Summit cache. We hauled up 4 big jugs of water, filled the coolers with soda, consolidated boxes, and carried the garbage, empty jugs and folding chairs back down the hill. Then we drove to Hwy 18 to see if anyone needed a ride to town. We took a couple people to the hostel, and once there we found three people looking for a ride to the grocery store. In between we found more hikers looking for rides. You could keep busy solid all day! It’s fun to do – and everyone is so very kind and grateful… it makes angeling so rewarding. I am lucky that I got to be a part of that today!


Aloha hauling water up the hill to the cache

We finally were able to get Tears from the motel and head to Thelma’s for breakfast – that’s where we met Sphinx. He had errands to run, which just happened to be the same as ours, so he hung out with us for most of the morning. Then we went back to the hostel to drop Rachel off, and picked up another two hikers, including a good trail buddy, Fuller. We dropped him and Sphinx off on the trail at Hwy 18.


Sphinx and Tears riding in the Pickle Jar

Then we retired for the evening for our date night. Adam and I went to a sports bar where I was able to fulfill my wingies craving… and have a giant beer… and a giant chili cheese hot dog. Following that, we went to Big Bear Village, which was very cute and touristy. We sat in the car for over an hour just talking before we headed into the fudge shop for ice cream. It was just a perfect night.

We got back to the hotel, and Adam was able to cordinate another trail drop-off tomorrow for Peter Pan, Nurse Betty and Cookie Monster after he drops me, Tears and Thirsty Boots off. I get a little tired just thinking of his schedule! But he’s loving the crap out of this. It’s nice to see him so happy. :-)

I am fading fast here, so I’m going to enjoy the last few relaxing hours in our bear-themed motel room at the Nature’s Inn. I love these quirky little motels… and some of the friendliest people work at these places.


They don't mess around with theming these rooms! Bears everywhere!

What an experience this all is. It’s so much more than one foot in front of the other over and over again. So, so much more, and it makes me feel full of life.

A couple more scenes from our date night:


Aloha's challenge: get your beard to be this long by Oct. 1!


Teeny tiny little ice cream cone.


Wingies! Yay!


6 thoughts on “Day 20: A weeklong zero day

    • Aloha- Small world… Or its just the PCT pack of thru hikers. I called Honey Bunny this morning and told her I was forming my Trail Angel Posse. She told me that a nice guy named Aloha had just brought some gatorade to the trail and gave them a ride into town. Love it!
      See you all once you are done with the hot dessert.

  1. Sounds like a great day in Big Bear. Aloha is making big shoes for me to fill up in Oregon. My girlfriend, Honey Bunny, is a few days behind you. I love knowing what is around the next bend for her and Bramble by reading your blog. Happy trails. P.S. let Aloha know he can come up and ride shotgun for some trail angel action near Mt Hood.

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