Day 19: And my trail name is…

Fri. 5/10/13
19.6 miles (Miles 246.4 – 266)
Coon Creek [creepy] Group Camp – Hwy 18 at Big Bear Lake


The mountain that got most of last night's snow

Today’s big deal was that my PCT trail name became official. I’d like to explain that in detail, but I’ll do a quick rundown of the day first.

First of all, we weren’t disturbed by anyone in the middle of the night at the creepy coon camp, despite my imagination running all kinds of made-up horror-movie scenes through my mind just before bed. No wonder I didn’t sleep well!

A little ways into our hike we came upon the animal cages. The PCT goes right by some fenced in Hollywood animal actor/actresses. We were able to see two grizzly bears, a lioness, and one aggressive tiger that growled and leapt toward us, then laid down and watched us walk by. Strange experience!



A short while after that we approached Onyx summit. I came around the corner and I saw a guy in this red Hawaiian shirt! Adam! Yay! He was there giving trail magic. Rachel and I stayed for a while and took our long break. I drank two PBRs, a Mountain Dew, a Gatorade, ate two snack-size bags of chips, and a cupcake!


Cheetos rule!


The co-magic by Aloha and Papa Smurf

The rest of the afternoon I was in cruise-mode. I was so tired… I put my mind into a relaxed state and turned on my stubborn mode. Tiredness? Nah… I enjoy the challenge of breaking through mental barriers like that. It felt awesome! We actually weren’t planning on making it to Big Bear tonight, but we were so close… so we just kept on going. This means a full zero day tomorrow! I’m already relaxed after stuffing my face with a “Get the Burger” bbq bacon onionring cheeseburger, raccoon-style and a milkshake… followed by a jacuzzi soak and a shower.

So the almighty Trail Name… it’s a nickname given to you by your fellow hiking community. Adam received “Aloha” today, Rachel got “Tears for beers,” and me? It started when Condor, a 2011 PCT hiker, suggested this trail name for me before I even started hiking the trail. I wasn’t sure if I should roll with it or what… thought I’d just see what happened once I hit the trail. Well, it became official today. I wrote a little poem about it:

I toot when I hike,
I even toot when I sit.
Cuz it’s more fun to toot,
than it is to, um, spit.

So what’s my trail name, you ask?
Not sharts, farts, poops or shoots.
Instead they’re calling me by the PCT trail name…
Toots Magoots.

So… yeah. It’s fitting, I suppose, and I’m sure none of my friends and family back home will be one bit surprised! I guess it’s sort of a cute-ish way to say I can be a bit gassy. And better than getting a trail name like fart-bomb, colon-blow or something more harsh! It’s all in fun. There are so many great trail names out here, and it’s fun to hear how people get them.

So Toots Magoots is off to bed. Feeling great after two big days. Can’t wait for more! First things first, though. Planning for the next section of trail, followed by a date night with Adam, er, Aloha tomorrow. :-)


Super-vibrant cactus flower


Our first resupply box! Thanks mom & dad!


This was actually very comfy!


4 thoughts on “Day 19: And my trail name is…

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  2. If you really don’t like a trail name someone gives you do you get a veto? Well I suppose you could give yourself one and no one would know the difference. Or say you don’t have one yet if you get one you don’t like and wait for someone else to give you a different one.

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