Day 17: Back in the heat

Wed. 5/8/13
15.5 miles (Miles 210.8 – 226.3)
Ziggy & The Bear to Mission Creek


Up high with a huge valley behind

We took it easy getting going this morning. We had brewed coffee and cereal for breakfast, provided by our trail angel hosts, resupplied food, finished charging phones, and hit the trail at 9:30am. Very productive morning. We didn’t get the best sleep, but we still had a really great hiking day.


No thanks! :-)

We passed a windmill farm – those things fascinate me, and I was surprised at how much noise they actually made. Then we made a steep climb up followed by a nicely graded descent over several short switchbacks. We did quite a lot of that all day, and it got hot out again. We hear it’s going to get even hotter in the next couple of days, but it seems like this section has a few more reliable water sources, so at least we won’t have to carry as much water.

We stopped for our long siesta break through the hot part of the day in a shadeless spot… by a flowing CREEK! It was awesome! I immediately stripped down to my “hiker’s bikini” and laid in the stream. It’s my new favorite and the most refreshing thing ever. We shared the oasis with Gummy Bear and Nightcrawler. They were taking advantage of the cool water as well.


Cool, refreshing water!

We went six more miles after our siesta to Mission Creek, which is also flowing nicely. We’re cowboy camped in a cute little spot with trees, crickets chirping, frogs croaking, and the constant trickling sound of the stream in the background. Aaah, nature’s symphony.


Flowers and mountains


Trails are fun out here!


Weird bug

A couple of other things from today:

We saw a bighorn sheep! And we followed him down the PCT for about 20 minutes! It was a spectacular wildlife sighting!


Bighorn sheep!

We also saw another rosy boa snake.

Rachel’s blisters have been labeled by me as “impressive and disgusting all at the same time” after she squirt herself in the eye while popping one on break today. I’m definitely keeping my distance! :-)

I’m getting hungrier more often, and I’m starting to crave things.


Cold coffee, the worm I ate, tortilla with salami, mayo, cheese and fritos

We just realized we have big bullfrogs hopping in the leaves around us… hmm… hope they don’t like sleeping bags!


Rachel's bullfrog buddy


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