Day 16: Ziggy and the Bear

10.3 miles (Mile 200.5 – 210.8)
PCT Mile 200.5 – Ziggy and the Bear


Our morning sunrise

We awoke to an amazing sunrise and another one of them stinkin’ rainbows! ;) It was really pretty. What a great way to wake up!


Giant boulders. If you look closely you can see Rachel next to it.

We got packed up and started our hike downhill. We went downhill for what seemed like forever, watching the windmill farm and Interstate 10 creep closer and closer. We finally reached the flats – finally we could cruise – well, except that is was tough and slow-going with a strong headwind and soft sand. Ugh! Oh well… we could smell civilization ahead. That pulled us along just fine.

We reached I-10 where the PCT passes underneath. There we found some sweet trail magic! There was water, a hiker register, coolers full of sodas and beers, and signs for us to all write messages. It was fun reading them – we recognized most of the names.


Mmm, cold drinks!

About a mile further down the trail we approached some famous PCT trail angels who open there home to us stinky bunch of hikers – Ziggy & the Bear. We walked into the fenced-in back yard and before we even had our packs off our backs, there were chairs with foot baths waiting for us! What a wonderful place!

We also met Adam here… so as I soaked my tired feet, he rubbed my back. I’m a pretty spoiled-rotten hiker!


Massage + foot bath = awesome!

We charged electronics, showered, Rachel got in on the group Burger King run, I swapped out my stanky clothes for fresh ones (thanks, Adam!), and we talked with other hikers… there was a lot of talk about all of our wet, cold hike experiences over Fuller Ridge… we sll described it with smiles on our faces and laughs to go with it!

Adam then drove Rachel and I into town for some delicious date shakes from Hadley’s in Cabazon. They kinda just tasted like caramel, but they were really good! Then we stuffed ourselves on a Mexican dinner and came back to Ziggy & the Bear’s to sleep. All three of us are cowboy camped under a canopy in the back yard with about 15 other hikers.

In the morning we fill up food resupply, take care of a few more chores and hit the dirt again. Next stop… Big Bear City.


A morning rainbow


Clouds and bad weather behind me... I think!


Fun Size (Grady) eating Adam's treat of cookies with whipped cream. That disappeared fast!


2 thoughts on “Day 16: Ziggy and the Bear

  1. thank you for sharing your pacific crest trail experiences. the photos and descriptions are lovely and not too long or short for me. due to physical and economic limits, not everyone can exit conventional life, so following these updates draws me into the universe of the trail, and I can only imagine the wonder of living fulltime in that world. you are so very fortunate to be on the PCT.

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