Day 11: Paradise Valley Cafe

17 miles (Mile 135 – 152)
PCT mile 135 – Paradise Valley Cafe


I read through my blog from last night and realized what a jumble it was. I was so freakin’ tired. I thought I’d slept well the night before, but I found myself napping to the point of snoring on our break… a break in the hot sun with no shade. I must’ve been tired! Anyway, I tried to write about a very intimate trail experience (hiking through and above the clouds) when my everything was tired. I didn’t change any of that blog entry… I just left it as is. I figured I probably wouldn’t be able to explain it any better anyway. So… I guess I thought that was interesting. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more jumbled-tired blog entries in the future. Heck, they probably all are!

Back to today! We got going a little after 6am again, hit our water source, Tule Spring, about an hour later, treated water, hydrated, made coffee and breakfast, then got back on trail.


The tank uphill that holds water. Don't look inside...


The spigot downhill that we use to fill our bottles.


Glorious water!

We hiked around big hills, mountains, in and out of a couple of creek/river canyons, saw a bunch of flowers (the cacti flowers out here come in a bunch of colors. We’ve seen pink, purple, reddish, green, and yellow), came upon the Oasis cache and finally landed our butts in a chair on the outside patio at The Paradise Cafe.


Ginormous rocks!


Views after a climb

Food. Usually it’s all I think about when I hike. I haven’t gotten there quite yet… but I did have my weirdest craving yet – freakin’ cottage cheese! Paradise Valley Cafe had it as a side option to the BLT I got! It really hit the spot. So did the coffee-flavored milkshake!


A BLT and cottage cheese. Yum!


Mmmm... milkshake!

Adam was still working his way back through LA traffic after helping a friend move his storage unit, so Rachel and I were planning on hitching into Idyllwild. We didn’t have to – Jacqueline was there for a burger and offered to bring us to town! Rachel and I, along with two other hikers, Angela and Belgian Red, hopped in and got a whole tour by car of the cute mountain town… complete with the singing of the Bonanza theme! What a trip… this couldn’t be more fun. Thank you, Jacqueline, for the ride!!


Me, Jacqueline and Rachel

We got a room, found a beer, and a short time later Adam arrived. He brought with him our town bags – shampoo, razors, soap, epsom salt, and the best ever – already laundered clothes.

Tomorrow we have a bunch of stuff we need to do to get ready for our next section. We also plan to visit the Green Cafe (which isn’t really a cafe) to hear Cuddles play his cello. He is thru-hiking the PCT and bouncing his cello up the trail to play along the way. Crazy awesome stuff!

Zero day tomorrow!


Ahh! They're everywhere!


My water bottle man.


Oasis cache


Crazy cactus


That about says it out here!


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Paradise Valley Cafe

  1. I see your daily report about PCT.
    Everyday your report is good and fantastic.
    I havn’t go to PCT but I want go.
    So your report will be great helpful to me.
    Thanks for your description about PCT.

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