Day 9: Playday on the PCT

5.5 miles (Mile 109.5 – 115)
Warner Springs – Agua Caliente Creek


Playing around!

I guess I’d consider our day today a nero. A zero day is when we hike zero miles on the PCT. A nero is a near-zero. We woke up and rested at the Warner Springs Community Center all morning, and hit the trail at 2pm. We stopped 5.5 miles later at the best campsite ever… a beautifully flowing desert creek. We just couldn’t pass it up! And we had time left for fun!

Oh! Last night… Rachel and I got all set up to cowboy camp out in back of the community center, and when it turned dark, I was lying on my tummy typing up my blog entry. A bug that resembles an earwig crawled onto my tyvek groundcloth, and when I followed his path into the leaves right in front of me I saw beetles. In the 8″ radius of my headlamp light there were at least 30 beetles… later identified as small tree roaches *shiver* by the Louisiana boys, Pukie and Voodoo Cheese. We had that tent set up in about 2 minutes with all of our stuff shook out and thrown in. I can handle a beetle or two… even some earwigs. But this was like a freakin’ beetle plague! Thankfully they were nowhere to be seen in the morning.


The Community Center, Warner Springs

After our long rest at the community center – rinsing out clothing and hang-drying, eating breakfast, soaking feet, hearing Warner Springs Monty play guitar and sing fun songs, charging electronics, and talking to other hikers – we moved on.

We hiked through an open meadow with friendly horses. They walked right up to us and let us pet them. They were so sweet! (Heidi – I always think of you when I see horses!) There were about 10 of them. The lead black one was the friendliest. He really liked Rachel. ;)


Me with the friendly horsey!


Trail buddies

Then we found a tire swing… which absolutely required us to take off our packs and play. We’re not about to turn down such a random mid-trail fun-break!



We got to our campsite and talked about maybe moving on since we got there so early, but it was the perfect site. We plopped and claimed our patch of perfect ground under a gnarly, cool tree… with the sound of the creek below.



It was still warm when we got here, the sun was still out, and I was sweaty. So… naturally I laid myself right down in the creek. It was super refreshing!

Now a few others have joined us in this great spot and the lights are being dimmed for us… soon it will be hiker midnight. Tomorrow we shoot for a long day. We’re both antsy for some distance!


Camp community

Randoms for today:
My knee has been feeling great. I was a little afraid to say anything and jinx it. I hope I’m safe from that!

Cathole count so far – you aren’t going to believe this: ONE. I’ve been hitting toilets at the right times, I guess! Yay!

We are sleeping with our food already. Hey… everyone else is doing it! But really, it’s weird. I NEVER thought I’d give in and do that… at least not this quick!

It’s been 5 days since we’ve showered and it’s been 9 days since we’ve slept in a bed… I’m definitely not complaining! It’s been great!


Cacti and trees


A cool old, crsckled traol sign


Never a serious moment, right?


One thought on “Day 9: Playday on the PCT

  1. Happy you are finding some friendly trail critters out there! Horses are very smart…they know who the cool people are to hang with! :) Miss you monkeys!!! heidi

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