Day 6: Kickoff Zero Day

0 miles
Currently at mile 77 on the PCT at Scissors Crossing


Getting ready for the class of 2013 photo

We slept in until 10am. It felt good, too. I didn’t have a whole lot to do today, but the most important thing was to get prepared for the next stretch of trail.  But before that…

Adam and I chatted with #2, a fellow Wisconsin hiker. He and Adam were discussing who the Packers drafted. Then we wandered through the vendor tents. I didn’t really need anything, but it could’ve been really easy to drop $500 on a super-light setup. All the best lightweight companies were there selling their gear… drool!

I did buy a new Z-pack brand side pocket for my backpack. I don’t have snack pockets on my hipbelt like most new packs have today, so this is a good solution for me. It allows me to have a place to put my phone, camera, maps for the day, my notebook and a snack.

I also got to meet Yogi today. I bought her trail planning guides and they are priceless. It was really nice to meet her… I also met Halfmile at the class of 2012 video showing. We are carrying his incredibly accurate and up-to-date maps. Everybody here is so down to earth. Love these people!


Meeting Yogi!

Later in the day I went to a malt shop with Adam. I had a corn dog  and a chocolate malt… which I couldn’t finish! My tummy was feeling rebellious today. I blame Coors.

Rachel and I went through our gear and got our food all packed, and I sewed up a pair of my underwear! Can you believe it? I sewed! Let’s see if it holds!


Look, mom! I'm sewing! :)

The nighttime movie showing was the PCT class of 2012 video. It was absolutely incredible. Photos and video submitted by last year’s hikers and put together by one guy, VirGo. I cried a little throughout… of happines and excitement. Once you put good music to some of the crazy, amazing scenery we’re going to hike into, it’s hard to hold back emotion.

Aches and pains are still present, but very manageable. I heard of a  poor girl who had 20 blisters on her feet after day 1! Youchy!

Tomorrow we wake at 4am and hit the road for Scissors Crossing where we left off. I can’t wait to get back out on that PCT baby! Woo-hoooooo!

A few randoms from this past week:
We had to throw away some oatmeal because they tasted chemically and rancid.

If you have a bandana that can also be used as a bandage it’s a bandandage.

When the trail is a mix of sand and gravel, we call it sgrandvel. And it’s hard to hike in.

“Go bears” is our code for, “do I have any boogers?”


Gear and food explosion


Icing my knee


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