Day 5: Pie

8.6 miles (miles 68.4 – 77)
Rodreguez Spur Truck Trail (water tank) – Scissor Crossing


Amelia and Grady working their hitchin skills

We woke up early to a still very bright moon. We were camped near a water source with a handful of other hikers, and we were all anxious to get on the trail. There was talk about a place in Julian with pie. FREE pie! Naturally we had to go see if these rumors were true!

We hiked into more desert conditions today and are seeing a lot more cacti and many different types. It’s really fun to see everything change from day to day.


Socal desert trail

We got to the road an hour and a half earlier than we planned, but Adam had been there. He left some trail magic for all of us. Water, Gatorade, and a couple of chairs to sit on. Rachel and I watched all the hikers we were with hitch rides to pie… I mean town.

We finally decided we didn’t want to wait, either. We were ready to stick out our thumbs when two ladies pulled over and offered a ride! Easiest hitch ever! Thanks Okie Girl and Julie!


Rachel and I with Okie Girl and Julie

We got to Julian and walked into Mom’s Pies. The rumors were true. Free delicious pie. With ice cream. And whipped cream. Oh my… yum!


Oh my pie!

We had to say farewell to the group of friends we’d been hiking with. Adam met us at the pie shop to bring us to kickoff, and they were all moving on. I sure hope we see them all again up the trail!


Our trail buddies!

ADZPCTKO. It stands for Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off. It’s a huge gathering of past, current, and probably some future hikers. There are vendors with gear, books, maps, advice, food… and there’s seminars on journaling, food, the important water report, bears, and more. There is so much going on! It’s fun to meet so many other hikers, too. What an awesome community.

Did I mention free food? Yup! On top of it being free, Rachel and I got to join the other 2013 thrus at the front of the food line! They had 2,000 burritos waiting for us! I only ate one, though…


Burrito dinner line at kickoff

At dark we enjoyed the PCT film festival on an outdoor rigged-up Tyvek projection screen. After that we walked around until we found “the” campfire. It was a big bonfire with a whole bunch of people hanging around. There was a kind of a strange air about it so we didn’t stick around too long. Rachel and I did get to say hi to Bacon Bit, though! That was awesome! We followed her blog last year. She’s super nice!

I don’t even know what time we went to bed. All I know is that I was tired. What a busy day!


We met back up with Pascal and the badonka donkeys at kickoff


A few new desert flowers. Even a green one!


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