Day 4: Surprise weather

Day 4
18.4 miles
Mile 50 below Garnet Peak – Mile 68.4 at the Rodreguez Spur Truck Trail (water tank)


We were again surprised at what the PCT had to throw at us. We were heading into a 34-mile stretch, known for its exposed ridges, hot weather, glaring sun and lack of water resources… besides a few tanks. I haven’t looked inside of the tanks and don’t plan to, but I’ve heard there are sometimes dead lizards and/or rats floating in them. The water from the tanks flows downhill through a pipe with a spigot where we hikers fill our bottles. And treat the crap out of it. Which I did.

Anyway, this section… in Mt. Laguna, we were told, “carry all the water you can. It’s dry. You don’t wanna get stuck out there without water.”

This is probably normally¬† true, except that last night a huge cloud rolled over and stayed. The wind blew strong all night long, and when we awoke it was pure fog and misting… and cold! We packed up camp as quickly as possible, dressed warm and got moving. For the first few hours of hiking we could see nothing but trail in front of us. At one point the trail was narrow with a solid rock wall to our left rising straight up into the fog. On the right the trail drpped off, but when you looked over the edge all you could see was white. It was a bit intimidating. But also pretty, of course.


Morning fog. Sooo perty!

After about 10am all the clouds left and the sun came out. We still had a strong, cold wind until about 2:00. Then it got hot again. It was a crazy day with weather. I was glad I still had my rain gear, long undies, fleece and nanopuff jacket!

My lunch was pretty interesting today. We have these english muffins that were difficult to eat because they were crumbly and dry. (Mom, you are gonna love this.) I crumbled it in my dish, poured water over it, added peanut butter and craisins. It wasn’t too bad! Just needed a bit of doctorin’.


Lunch... um, yum?

My knee felt better today, but I was medicating with ibuprofen. My pinky toe blister seems to be doing okay, too. I feel great to be hiking and I’m loving the long distances. Getting up early and hiking in the cool, quiet morning has been great, too. I am happy.

Tomorrow I get to see Adam! He’s picking us up at Scissors Crossing and bringing us back to Lake Morena for ADZPCTKO, a PCT kickoff party. Shower! Food! Craziness!

(I already can’t wait to get back on this trail, though!)

A few other photos from today:


Beautiful yucca flower close-up


Holy giant yucca!


Pretty little butterfly


Oh, PCT...

And one last note: just came into the tent to lie down after watching a full moon peek over a hill behind us. It started with a golden glow almost like a sunrise. Watching it finally come into view was really awesome. That’s all. :)


4 thoughts on “Day 4: Surprise weather

  1. Good job so far. I enjoy getting your daily posts. Your go-gettery makes me jealous. Keep it up! :) I’m curious to know if you weighed yourself for a before/after comparison? Lastly tell Adam hi from me when you see him!

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