Day 3: Amazed

Day 3
16 miles
Mile 34 – mile 50 near Garnet Peak

(If there’s no photos in this I’ll add them in later… still figuring out the trail blogging thing.)


Morning view

I am finding myself amazed each day out here. The views are a bazillion times bigger than I’d imagined. How did I not realize, after so much research, how much climbing to incredible, expansive viewpoints we’d take? It really is a big world! I’m being constantly reminded how tiny I am in this great big place. It’s already an amazing and humbling perspective to soak in… and I’m only on day three!

So obviously one of the highlights from today was the views. A look back on the hike this morning revealed far-off mountains draped in clouds… all except for the tiny bits of their peaks. This afternoon opened up an entire expanse of white, sage-spotted mountains surrounding a very barren-looking desert. And right before we found camp we were given a special gift – layers of shorter mountains, a few clumps of pine trees with white clouds rolling in around them, a sun peaking through and laying a silver glow on the clouds, and a rolling mist that floated right past us as we set up camp.


Big views!

Another awesome part about today  was our visit to the town of Mt. Laguna… and I got to see Adam! He picked us up on the road so we didn’t have to walk the extra 3/4 in. We stopped at the little Mt. Laguna sport shop first, had our photo taken and registered with Super, the owner. Great little place full of everything a thru-hiker would ever need!


Mt. Laguna sport store

Then we head to the trading post and ran into a bunch of other hikers. Some we new and some we met for the first time. There was a whole store full of snacks, but for some stupid, unknown reason, I had no cravings. It actually made me sad. I didn’t even want ice cream! So I had a coffee and some Gatorade. Boring!

We spent three fun hours in town before cameling up (filling every jug we had available with water). We each were carrying 11 pound in water alone! We were going to be dry camping again (meaning by no water source), and we’re headed into a very hot, dry section. We needed all we could carry.

The hike to our camp was actually kind of cold! It got breezy and the air had a chill in it. We settled on a spot just past our 50-mile mark, ate some couscous with pink salmon, and crawled into our sleeping bags. Another great day on the PCT!





A couple of sidenotes:
We pickled someone on the trail today.

I found my 2nd geocache – totally on accident!

I learned the hard truth that my knee pain while hiking is the result of a heavy pack. The more water, the more ouchy.

And… Happy Anniversary, mom and dad! I LOVE YOU!


I thought of you all day, Uncle Dennis. May you rest in peace. Love you!

P.S. Aunt Judy, I send my love and a huge Laatsch-style hug and kiss your way. I’m thinking about you. Love you!!


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Amazed

  1. Hi Robin. Haven’t researched your blog enough to figure out your trail name. :) I LOVE it that I can follow you on your PCT adventure. My son is ahead of you on the PCT and well, not all guys give the details like you are giving. Your pictures are AWESOME and I love being able to see what my son has seen/experienced along the way. If you are a Christian, then no doubt you are amazed with our Creator’s incredible handiwork. I love how we can feel so small to such a MIGHTY God who we belong to. You are doing a GREAT job capturing some of the grandeur! THANK you!!
    How I’d love to be out on that trail with my son!! I can’t be, so thanks for your part in letting me “hike it” with him the best way I can!
    LOVE your spirit and determination. You are His beautiful temple!

    • My trail name is Toots Magoots. What is your son’s? Would be cool if I’ve met him… or might meet him! Glad you like the blog… thanks for the nice message!

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