Reflecting on starting a thru hike

With this hike starting tomorrow, my emotions are… well, I don’t know. As we drove toward Lake Morena Campground where we’re camped tonight, we saw road signs with town names we recognized from trail research: El Cajon, Laguna Mountain, Julian… and when I saw those I got a little flutter in my tummy. It kind of felt like I’m so excited that I can’t express it yet. Maybe that’s because I don’t know how. It’s big… I think my crazy urge to pee… or poo… at that moment is just my body’s way of being excited… unfortunately for me! I guess I just hope this passes  before tomorrow! Otherwise I may hit a day #1 cathole record!

So, anyway…

The plan was to sort of figure out where my head was today so I’d be emotionally ready for tomorrow, but I think I’ve just decided to let it all ride and what happens happens. Tears, smiles, emergency trips to random bushes… whatever.

So with all this excitement coming up, I started a list of the things I’m excited about. I’m sure I’m missing a ton, but here’s a start:

-Eating a lot and not gaining weight
-Losing my road trip pounds/beer belly
-Sleeping under the stars
-Not having to go back to work on Monday
-Living with only what’s on my back
-Constant exercise
-All food tasting way better than normal
-Not taking little things for granted – flushy toilets, hot showers, a bed, pillows, and water from a tap
-Beauty. Everywhere. Every day.
-Tough climbs
-Foot rubs (if I’m so lucky!)
-Hiking with my best [girl] friend (Rachel’s pretty awesome!)
-Making new friends
-Sunrises, sunsets and a new horizon every day
-Wildlife encounters
-Food and eating it
-Climbing Mt. Whitney
-Getting dirty
-Being so lucky to see Adam every few days! ♡
-Trail magic
-All the beards
-Less facebook
-The elements. All of ’em.
-Calming down and finding my center on a daily basis
-Food and eating more of it
-Prayerful prayer
-The sound of footsteps
-Embracing all my senses
-Backpacking ♥

I know there’s more, even though that’s already a lot, but I’ve been adding to this list since I left home. I have all this, plus so much unknown, to hike towards…

…and that is why I’m so excited.

I don’t know what else to say.  Day #1 blog tomorrow. For now, my view as I type this:

Thank you all for reading and all the support you’ve all given me! I couldn’t do this kind of stuff alone… I love you!


5 thoughts on “Reflecting on starting a thru hike

  1. I so happy for you. On Wednesday I leave home to get back on the American Discovery Trail. May the Lord be with you each step that you take.

  2. Congratulations on the start of your journey. You begin exactly 9 years to the day as Sisu and I began our thru-hike. Not surprising, since we also timed our start with the ADZPCTKOP. Love the journals so far. You have already seen so much and enjoyed connecting with the tight-knit trail community. I look forward to following your adventures. By the way, I check your blog every few days from the sleeper berth of a semi as I wait to get a load in Wauwatosa, WI.

    • Hey Greg ie Raru! Jollyrancher from AT2000 here! I am working in Germany now and hoping to thru hike the PCT in ?? 2020 or 2022 depending on my 11 year old dog! HI to Sisu! Just found this blog!

  3. Beauty everywhere every day, store it in your brain, I know you will! Prayerful prayer, God go with you, I know he will! Take care girlie girl, sometimes you gotta shut that thing off and just hike.: )

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