Smartphone – a test of patience


I have been trying to find an appropriate time to use this cool photo, but nothing really seemed to fit. It’s a pretty confusing photo… A good dead end? Don’t believe everything you read? Rules are meant to be broken? Go into the mountains and don’t come out? What is the hidden meaning behind gorgeous mountains, waiting to be enjoyed, but sitting behind a sign that tells you that it’s a dead end?

It’s cheesy, but I think I’ve found a way to use it… aaaand that’s why you’re seeing it. Ready for it? Our US Cellular phone service is going to come to a dead end. I know, it’s bad! Haha! We plan to switch over to Verizon, and I can only hope it will be a little better.

From what I’ve been reading from past PCT thru-hikers, Verizon and AT&T are the two best carriers and have the best coverage along the trail. Sounds like Verizon is best in the southern half and AT&T is a little better in the northern half. There’s a few other carriers people have mentioned, but US Cellular was nowhere to be seen. We didn’t do quite enough homework on this part before we left, so… change of plans!

It’s all okay, though. I know that I’m going to be dealing with some technology challenges on the trail, so it’s just preparing my patience. :)

I’m a little behind on blogging at the moment because of these issues, but that’s also okay… it’s forcing me to test different ways of saving drafts so I can post when I have a strong enough connection. So… um… yeah… we meant to do that. It’s just how we prepare!

So anyway, I’ll be posting another entry about our time in California later today or tomorrow. It’s been incredible! And then after that… you’ll be seeing PCT thru-hiking posts! We start hiking in just 4 days!


Our view as I write this. Interstate 405 through LA.


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