Wahington is amazing!

Welcome to the photo blog of my Washington experience! I really enjoyed the crap out of Washington, and I took A LOT of pictures! I’m going to share quite a few below.

On Wednesday morning we woke up in an Idaho rest area, had breakfast and drove a short distance into Washington. It started out pretty flat with lots of crop fields. Signs on the fence-line read what was growing there: potatoes, wheat, alfalfa, and timothy (a spice?).

Then the hills started and Adam pulled off at a scenic overlook – what a good choice! It was a great view of the Columbia River gorge. We climbed around and enjoyed the expansive view!


Flowers at the overlook.


Columbia River gorge.

We crossed the huge river on a bridge and drove on. It wasn’t too much later when we started getting views of mountains. The Pickle Jar revved and climbed up the steep grades. It was raining, and the foggy, misty clouds rolled across the mountainsides like smoke. We were heading towards Snoqualamie Pass in the Cascade mountain range.


Rainy and pretty mountains.

Snoqualamie Pass. Significant! Why? Because the PCT crosses here! I felt butterflies of excitement in my belly as I looked around at the towering, steep, snowy and freakin beautiful hills around us… and thinking that I’d be backpacking IN those mountains in 5 months. Wow.


We were so close to the PCT we saw this sign at a gas station! Just a cool little thing.

As we started back down from the pass the sun came out! We rolled into the super-cute town of North Bend and visited with Bob Woods from the PCTA. We chit-chatted all things PCT and got even more excited! Bob is a really great guy… pretty much every trail person we meet is pretty awesome. We really love the PCT trail community, and we haven’t even started hiking yet!



And then we drove to Seattle. Adam has been wanting to visit here forever, so he was pretty darned excited. We head right downtown and visited the Pike Place Fish market and watched the guys throw a couple fish around. I first heard of Pike Place when I started working at 4imprint 10 years ago… they held “Fish Camp” for all new hires, and focused on having fun at work… which I did all the years I worked there! It’s a great philosophy and it was neat to see where it all started.


Pike's Place Fish Co.


Fresh fish on ice

After Pike’s we head out to meet up with another PCT connection – trail angel Magic Man! He handed us tickets to the ferry for Vashon, which is on an island in Seattle… also where he was putting us up for the night – in the upstairs of his garage! Thanks again, Mike!


Dinner in Vashon


The view!

Mike came up to talk with us a bit as we fired up our Jetboil dinners. He enjoys trail-angeling for PCT hikers (his daughter Boo Boo is thru-hiking this year, too!). He looked at Adam with a big smile and said, “You’ve got the best job!” I think Adam is getting pretty pumped about spoiling us and other hikers. He’s probably gonna’ be a pretty popular dude!

We woke up early and caught the ferry off the island and worked ourselves towards Olympic National Park. I was overwhelmed. It was really cool. The mountains were awesome, of course, moss hung off of branches and trees would be entirely covered in a darker-green, thick, fuzzy moss. We were heading towards rainforest! I’d never been in a rainforest before!


Mossy mossy!

It started to mist. A pretty bluish-turquoise lake appeared to our right, and the mountains on the other side were exposing themselves under spotty, rolling fog-clouds. It was so pretty. And then we saw a rainbow… we pulled over on one of the scenic pull-offs and Rachel and I practically dove out of the car and started to snap photos. It’s hard to catch a good photo of a rainbow, but we did manage to get a few. It was incredible. That rainbow was so close that it seemed like we could have reached right out and touched it. I think we were getting a little tease of heaven right there.


Rainbow, mountain, lake, and mist... so much pretty at once!

We took a side road to the Hoh Rainforest and took a ton more photos of all the different shades of green and types of moss as it rained… appropriately!


Big, huge, ginormous spruce tree!

We weren’t done yet, either! We drove on and enjoyed a lot more pretty hills!


We then made our way to Hwy 101 on the coast… and to the Pacific Ocean!


Pacific Ocean!

What a full two days of great Washington fun! In conclusion… I LOVE this state! There is so much to see! And so much more! Yes, I definitely think I’ll be back more than once.

We crossed into Oregon over a huge bridge where the Columbia River flows into the ocean, and we camped at a great state park on an ocean peninsula. We had a great fire, Adam saw an elk on his way to get firewood, we played some cribbage (I won!), and we all slept great. The park had showers, too! Bonus!


Another new state!

10 more days until we start hiking!


5 thoughts on “Washington

  1. Sounds like your having a great time. Cudos for winning cribbage. Gorgeous rainbow! Just a few more days to your first trail steps! Luv ya lots

  2. Robin, are you guys driving south on highway 101 or highway 5? We are near highway 101 where it passes through Santa Rosa. You know you are welcome to stay with us. Would be great to say ‘hello.’ Karen and Jerry

  3. 1. Timothy is a type of hay…our guinea pig loves it!
    2. I never really enjoyed living in Seattle when we were there but I have to say you did remind me how pretty it was :)
    Be safe!

    • Yeah, I really enjoyed it, but we also lucked out with both days of spotty sunshine. Not sure I could handle living there… I need lots of sun! Adam freakin loved it though! He loves a cloudy day.

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