Tater Tots

I didn’t know what to title this post, so I chose “tater tots.” Story to follow…


Horse rider and his pooch

Anyway, we’re still on the road and  still having a lot of fun. Yesterday we were in Montana, tonight we’re in Idaho, and tomorrow we’ll be in Washington. From there we work our way down the coast… towards San Diego and Campo and the Peeeee Ceeeee Teeeeee! 12 days till GO time!

These past few days since my last post have been good. Saturday night after leaving Sarah’s in Colorado, we drove to Wyoming and camped – for free since it was off-season – at Lake De Smet. Apparently it is the largest natural body of water in the state. It was kind of big… and still covered in ice. I guess a swim was out of the question! It got a little chilly overnight, but we woke up to a great sunrise!


Our camp at Lake De Smet in WY

On Sunday we drove to Bozeman and stayed at the C’mon Inn for two nights. We got relaxed even more. We soaked in hot tubs, ate fun food at funky restaurants, walked around downtown, had some drinks, and even played some cribbage and Jefferson Starship/Old Man Jim/Uncle Tom’s Cabin (a card game). Before saying good-bye to Bozeman, on our way out we did laundry, took care of some logisticals, ate pizza at Tarantino’s (a fun little local place downtown) and hit the road again. We love Bozeman… and we’ll be back!


We ♥ Bozeman!


Mmmm. Huckleberry pie ala mode!

As I write this, we are parked at a rest area that has 24-hr surveillance, I am in my sleeping bag sitting in the driver’s seat of te Pickle Jar. The seat is just slightly reclined so I don’t squish Rachel, who is snuggled in her sleeping bag in the back seat, and Adam’s making himself tired (and probably frustrated) playing Candy Crush. Tomorrow we wake up to see Lake Couer d’Alene, and we’re pretty excited about that, because a few people have told us that it’s freakin’ gorgeous.


Brushin' at a rest stop in IDAHO!

The scenery… the mountains out here are amazing. I plaster my face up against the window as Adam drives, and I look up into those big, wooded hills just wishing I was in there somewhere with my backpack on my back, looking down at all the traffic, wondering where they’re all off to in a 70 mph rush… and hoping it’s somewhere fun. Kind of like we are! I feel so ultimately blessed to be where I am right now!

And before signing off here tonight, I’ll share my title-inspired fun conversation from today:

As we drove by some sort of huge mining operation just a couple of miles into Idaho, I asked, “what do you suppose they’re mining there?”

Without skipping a beat, Rachel responds, “tater tots.”


One thought on “Tater Tots

  1. It is a beautiful lake. Sadly have never been up close with it but I have been able to see it at night with the moon reflecting and catching the sunrise over it from the top of the big hill when you drive into town from a friends place while on our way to climb the mountains.

    By the way, why no share pie!?! Don’t get too comfortable at the rest stop. May the remaining of your pre-PCT travels go well!

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