The Disco Pickle Team is together!

In 16 days we’ll start hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail… and then we’ll keep hiking. And then we’ll hike some more. We won’t be saying, “Aww, man! I wish I didn’t  have to go back to work on Monday.” Nope! Instead we’ll say, “Let’s get a shower, pack a few more day’s worth of food and get back on that trail!”

Anticipation. It’s tough sometimes because you just wanna go, but I keep reminding myself how this anticipation is actually a really fun part of the trip… and I’m enjoying the crap out of it!


Adam driving

Adam and I enjoyed the western part of Texas, and were happily surprised by the pretty hills and buttes. New Mexico got even better. We took US 285 through and made a stop in Roswell. We strolled through the museum and learned about the UFO crash-landing that occurred near there in 1947. It was kinda weird, but interesting!



We camped at 8600′ near Santa Fe at the Hyde Memorial State Park. From there we continued on to Colorado, and we made a stop at Pagosa Springs… our first hotel room.

We went for a walk and stopped in a local bar for a drink, then head back and soaked in the sulfur hot springs. I think we really needed that stop. We both felt very rejuvenated afterwards.

Next on our trip was the Colorado Springs area. After a night sleeping in our car at a Walmart, Adam and I head to Garden of the Gods where we used their bathroom, got a coffee and brushed our teeth. Then I attempted a trail run.

I couldn’t. My right calf has been hurting a little bit, and when I tried running it felt like something was going to snap… so I had to walk. I was so freakin bummed out! BUT… at least I can walk!


Siamese Twins


Playing on the rocks.

THEN! We picked up Rachel! The Disco Pickle Team was all together! YIPPEE!


Disco Pickle Team!

Our next stop was our friend Sarah’s in Silverthorne. It was SO good to see her! We hung out Thursday night and got silly like we do. I don’t think we scared Adam too bad. :)

On Friday we head to some hot springs and soaked for a few hours, and when we got back to Sarah’s we continued relaxing with pizza and a movie.


Thanks for the AWESOME stay Sarah!

We feel spoiled right now!

At this very moment the three of us are on the road and about to stp in at a brewery in Loveland!

It’s a rough life, I tell ya! :)


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