Hotels are fer suckers


Our overly-bright night light tonight

Ohmygosh I’m so lying about the “hotels fer suckers” thing. I love staying in hotels. Adam and I have even (on more than one occassion) gotten a hotel for a night in our hometown just for the heck of it. Swimming, stupid TV shows, no cat hair, hot breakfast… all good stuff! And once we’re on the PCT… hotels of any star-rating will be luxury. Flushy toilets, shower, pillow, water from a tap… yeah!

But so far on the road trip we’ve stayed at ZERO hotels! We’re having fun living on the road cheap and simple, and I think we’re both feeling really good about that! And besides, we’ve got a somewhat swanky stay coming up when we get to Bozeman…

We had a fun and beautiful drive through Texas today, and tonight we are staying at a Stripes truck stop off of Hwy 10. It’s our 3rd time taking advantage of the free-lodging truck-stop funness. Yup, I brushed my teeth in the parking lot again, too. Bonuses: they have very clean  restrooms and it’s warm enough to sleep with the car off and no blanket. Livin’ large, baby! :)

We plan to get an early start tomorrow… we’re goin’ to Roswell, New Mexico! I’ve never been to NM before, so I’m pretty excited! I wonder if the folks in Roswell will be familiar with Dundee, WI, which has had several UFO sightings, too!

Happy Easter everyone, and sleep tight!

Now if they could just dim that darned night light! ;)


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