The long way home


Sunset along the Southern Louisiana buyou.

The PCT is my home right now, and I’m definitely taking the long way to get there.

I have been thinking about the hike more and more the closer it gets. I’ve even gone back to having dreams about it. Last night I had a dream that I met Scott Williamson. He holds the speed record on the PCT at 66 days, so he’s kind of a celebrity in my world.

The pre-PCT road trip is going pretty good, especially since we’ve had several days with no car trouble… our confidence in the Pickle Jar is coming back! So far we’ve been through about 12 states and have seen a lot of new things. Adam and I both really enjoyed a secluded road that took us through Southern Louisiana’s bayou country… which included a car ferry across one of its many channels. That was pretty cool. And it only cost us three bucks!


Tearin' up some miles in the Pickle Jar

Right now we’re relaxing our butts off at South Padre Island, TX, and on Sunday we’ll hit the road again, getting even closer to the PCT. Well, actually… further away at first. We really are taking “the long way home.” From here we’ll head through New Mexico, Colorado (picking up Rachel – yay!), Montana, Idaho, Washington, and take the coast down to San Diego… and eventually Campo – the Southern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail.


From there it becomes simple. Hike. Eat. Get water. Eat. Find a flat-ish spot to sleep. Eat. Become part of outside. Eat. These will be my new priorities. And what’s so fabulous about these new priorities is that I won’t have to try too hard to accomplish them. They come with the life… of being a thru-hiker. I can’t say it’s going to be easy… just more natural. I hope!

I do recommend to any aspiring thru-hiker of any trail, if you can, take the long way home. Get your planning done early and hit the road. This is a fantastic prequel to a fantastic upcoming hike. I feel like I’m living in a dream right now. A really, really fun dream. And it’s only going to get better!


Getting simple. Jetboil breakfast on the road.


One thought on “The long way home

  1. If you need a place to stay in/near Seattle you are welcome at my parent’s house on Vashon Island, a short ferry hop from West Seattle. I am still in Milwaukee but we will be driving across the country April 8-13, we will be in Seattle April 13-16 and start the trail April 17.

    Their house is not big enough to host you inside but they have a big yard. Plus you would see my dad again at Kick Off.

    Email me if you are interested.

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