It’s just about sunglasses.


The bestest shades EVER!

I have this weird obsession with sunglasses. I have a hard time finding just the right pair, so when I finally do I become quite attached to them. I also have the habit of breaking sunglasses. This is an unfortunate combo.

The perfect pair. They exist.

About 3 years ago, Adam and I were in S. Padre Island and I found that perfect pair at one of those huge gift shops you see at any vacation beach destination. I broke them on a canoe trip later that year. I was so pouty-face and bummed out. I looked all over online to see if I could find a replacement pair, but I had no luck.

Well we’re back at Padre. So today Adam and I stopped back at that same gift shop we did 3 years ago. I had to sift through quite a lot of hipster shades before finding a few, straggling pairs of my FAVORITE sunglasses ever!

I was SO excited! They were even dusty… probably haven’t moved in 3 years. They were only 10 bucks, so I bought two pairs right away… totally made my day.

Guess I just felt like sharing a small “win” for the day. Life is simple.. today it is, anyway. :)


2 thoughts on “It’s just about sunglasses.

  1. Sorry we missed you at S Padre Island…. I just got back from there and came home with 2 new pair of sunglasses. Enjoy the new shades:)

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