Road trippin’



Last night we slept in our car at a Love’s truck stop for the second time. It’s not too bad. It gets a little uncomfortable when you want to roll over and can’t, and at about 5am we turned the car on and ran some heat because we got chilled. But it’s otherwise a great, free way to spend the night on the road. Better than driving straight through, which is what we did the night of day 2, or Saturday. Tough stuff!


A nice place to visit friends... and grab a shower.

We did meet up with our friends from Oshkosh (Andy, Kris and their two daughters) at Disney World for a short visit on Sunday. That was nice! They even let us use their shower… that was a big deal. Thanks, Andy & Kris! So my first visit to Disney included… a shower. Okay for me. Maybe one day I’ll go back for Epcot or something.

Our visit in Florida was great. I got to see my brother for the first time since they moved there… a year at least… maybe two now. Seeing him, Erica, Gracie and Rex was a highlight for sure! And we stayed an extra night when we found out our car needed servicing. It was a silver lining to my broken day to be able to spend a little more time with them.


Gracie bear and Rex-a-roo

On our way out of Florida yesterday, we stopped in Pensacola to meet Daniel Johnson. He hiked across the country — diagonally from Maine to SoCal — to spread the word of God and talk about salvation. It was an inspiring journey for both Adam and me, so meeting him was really an awesome experience. He showed us The Creation Store and museum after hours since we were there kind of late. We picked up some good reading material for the trip. Thanks for the great visit, Daniel! Check out his stuff at the Truth Group.


Me, Adam and Daniel Johnson

Today we visited Biloxi, MS. We walked through the Beauvois house — the home of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy. We also drove to see where Adam’s mom grew up. We took a couple photos of houses and one of them was the one she lived in! Cool!


Buccaneer State Park nature trail

And now we are car-camping at a campground in Southern Mississippi, right near the gulf coast. It’s breezy, cool and the gnats are overfriendly… but we have a fire, a vertical place to sleep, a few beers and each others company. Life is good.


2 thoughts on “Road trippin’

  1. We hosted Daniel too! He wasn’t on the ADT trail, but we ran across him hiking along the road on a cold, snowy day in late December. I told him on facebook that Robin & her mom were the reason we weren’t afraid to pick him up! Small world!

  2. So cool to see the old homestead again :) thanks for taking me down memory lane, I was with you in spirit all afternoon! Love, mama

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