Day 1 on the road.


Starting out at 3:30 am!

It’s been an interesting first day!

Adam and I woke up at 2am, got packed up and woke up my parents to say good-bye. We got on the road around 3:30am. Not bad!

I started out driving, feeling tears well up in my eyes. Good-byes and all kinds of thoughts about missing friends and family finally hit me! Do you all know how much I freakin’ love you and will miss you all? A lot. A lot-lot.

I found a way to distract myself a little… I was also intently focusing on the ditches looking for crazy deer. I really REALLY didn’t want to crunch up anything on this poor car before we even got out of Wisconsin! We only saw 2 that walked out in front of our car… right in downtown Phillips. All of us were moving too slow for a collision. Good!

At our first stop for fuel about 3 hours in, we saw what looked like smoke coming from the hood. “Oh noooo.” I think we might’ve even said it in unison. It stopped, so we chalked it up as being condensation and drove on.

Next stop… coffee. Emissions light on. What? 2004 Vues had a recall with the gas cap that caused the emissions light to come on, and it wasn’t anything to be too concerned with then… so even though we’d had it taken care of, we shrugged it off.

I think we were in denial.

Adam took over driving, and about 15 seconds on the highway he exclaims, “What? Nooo.”

Battery light illuminated all red and annoying-like. Manual says to service immediately. Phones find us the nearest GM dealer and we turn around and land ourselves at Sawicki Motors in Rochelle, Illinois.


These are some good folks!!

First news: dead battery cell.
Second news: bad alternator
Third: battery is new and covered by warranty, but new alternator and work will run around $500 when all is said and done. Ouchy!
Fourth (and such happy time news!): turns out the alternator’s BELT was just shot. Yay!

Four hours later and only $100 out… we were back on the road.

Next stop for fuel… low rear passenger tire. Grrr… we filled it with air, and so far its held.

Come on Pickle Jar car! We loves you sooo much, and there’s all kinds of adventure yet to come. Stick with us buddy!

I tell ya! We’ve had our share of challenges getting where we are… but dammit! We are determined! We’re staying positive and it’s certainly preparing us to adapt to constantly-changing plans. We dealt with it pretty well, I think. Adam was especially calm, and I was impressed considering he dealt with most of it.

We’re currently 40 miles north of Louisville, KY. A little later than we’d hoped, but I guess what does it matter when you don’t have set plans for where you’re sleeping anyway? So fun. :)




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