To Do.


The to do list nearly cleared out.

So much to do.

Go. Do.

Should I write this in chronological order? Should I list what I physically have written on my to-do list? Should I write more about my feelings? Should I write about the food story first, or should I write about what I’ve been up to first?

Oh my goodness, girl, get yourself together!

Since my last day of work almost two weeks ago, Adam and I enjoyed the Disco Pickle party, helped Rachel move (one of the easier moves I’ve helped with – she didn’t have much!), visited friends in Madison, travelled to Phillips and unloaded the remainder of our belongings into my parent’s basement, assessed our food loot after Adam’s rollover accident, organized the basement room where our resupply will based out of, recounted and reorganized all the food, had a bonfire, bought and bagged separate oatmeal, potatoes and rice for my and Adam’s road trip, bought a luggage carrier for our car, had a stray highway rock shatter our passenger-side car window, picked up two cases of flat-rate boxes at the Post Office, had a small going-away party at my parent’s house, visited family, made a pile of things we’d like to take with us when leave on Friday with the project of sorting through it again, and created a couple more to-do lists.


Writing this blog entry is completely therapeutic for me right now. Here’s the section where I cry about how stressed I was getting ready for this trip. We had two weeks in Phillips to tie up loose ends and get ourselves organized. But I found out there’s a lot more to it all than just sorting things and putting food here and gear there. My feelings have been everywhere. I will be so excited one minute, sad the next, then overwhelmed. It didn’t seem real. I had a hard time seeing it happen. Have I just been too busy to visualize it? Has the bad luck we’ve had made me nervous? Will I ever be ready for this thing?

Yes. Yes, we will be ready. And we are. We’re leaving tomorrow morning really early. Things are packed, sad good-byes have been said, and all that’s left is to sleep and hit the road.

We’re excited.

Right now, at this moment, Adam is trying to find a good route to the Appalachian Trail so we can hike a couple miles of it. It’s on our way – sorta. Why not?

Time for bed. I’ll update tomorrow after we’ve been on the road a bit. Here we goooooo!!!!!


One thought on “To Do.

  1. Good Luck and safe travels to you, Adam and Rachel! Can’t wait to read about your travels. Love you and see you when you’ve returned, maybe. It all depends on where you both land and if you’ll be able to make it to the annual Laatsch Family Christmas. Happy hiking and stay safe!

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