I’m a backpacker.



I am ready to embark on a long journey. One step at a time, I will work my way north. From Mexico. North. I will continue to walk until I reach Canada. I will hike 2,650 miles through dry desert and sagebrush, while stepping over rattlesnakes… over mountains, fording freezing cold rivers, and traversing over steep, snow covered mountain slopes as I kick steps in the snow to continue forward. I will endure rain, snow, wind, heat, and cold. I will get blisters on my feet, I will chafe, and my muscles will hurt. I will carry everything to survive on my back, the whole way to Canada. My shoulders and back will ache. I will be hungry and tired. I will try to sleep, knowing there are animals that want my food as much as I do. I will drink water from still pools with dead lizards floating in them, crystal-cold mountain melt-off rivers, ponds and lakes and even pipes. Along the way I will endure this and more.

Each time I sweat profusely, shiver uncontrollably, pop a blister, choke down trail food that I’m tired of eating, drink brown water flavored with Gatorade powder, or lie awake wide-eyed because I hear twigs snapping… I’ll know where I am and why I’m there.

Adventure. Experience. To feel alive. Pain, fear, beauty, happiness and love are all things that will help me feel alive. And I’ll get all that on the Pacific Crest Trail.

I will be offered blessings. Sunsets and sunrises. Mountainous views. New friends, laughs, strength and confidence. I will be shown skies of amazing, unspeakable beauty. Clouds, lightning, snow, sunshine, moons in all phases and blankets of stars. I will be in the wild. I will touch tree bark, smell pine, rain and wildflowers. I will listen to my footsteps rhythmically on the trail. I will remember to look up and around me. I will enjoy soft breezes on my skin and in my hair.

For the pain, the joys, the fun, the laughs, the decisions, the guilt-free eating, the views and more…

This is why I’m a backpacker.

This is my happy place.



4 thoughts on “I’m a backpacker.

  1. Waxing poetic! Great post and I can’t wait to hear all about it. You will be in my prayers for a safe and soul-satisfying journey. ~Kathe

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