A series of “lasts”

“This might be the last time I ever do this…”

I’ve been saying that a lot lately!

I don’t know if I’ll ever return to an office job. I might end up right back where I am… who knows. But either way, my roughly-planned future doesn’t include sitting in front of a computer 40 hours every week. I’m not shutting out the idea completely, but it is weird to think about. So… this might be the last time I ever work in an office.

Last month I picked up a specialty catalog project – one of my very favorites to work on. As I started to work on the layout – my favorite part of my favorite project – I thought to myself, “This will be the last Business Gifts Catalog I ever work on.” Right now I’m working on a flyer. I have 2-1/2 weeks left of work. This one will probably run me into my last day, so it’s the last flyer I’ll ever work on.

Monday night after kickboxing class I felt really sad. I LOVE that class, and I’ve been going pretty faithfully for 8 years. EIGHT. I was talking with Heidi (one of my greatest friends, fellow box, and workout buddy!) when class was done, and I shared with her my sudden realization that next week Monday will be my last kickboxing class. At least the last kickboxing class with Erin, who is the toughest instructor I’ve ever had for a group fitness class.

Last night I taught my last muscle conditioning class at the YMCA. It’s been a really fun run, and I’m going to miss all the awesome people I’ve met at the Y… especially my group of regulars!

4imprint features their employees modeling the products we sell in our print pieces and online, which is really fun. I just received a sample of our latest catalog – I’m on the cover wearing our Hanes Tagless T-shirt… and as a bonus, my marketing peeps all signed it for me with nice messages wishing me well! Lordy I’m gonna’ miss all these 4i people!. So anyway, this is the last catalog cover I’ll be featured on.

I will be attending my last Fox Valley Backpacker’s Meetup meeting on Feb. 25th. I’m excited about it because Rachel and I are going to talk to the group about our hike. But again… I’ve met so many great people through this group and I’m going to miss them all!

Pretty soon I’ll get my last paycheck. And I’ll sleep in our little cozy studio apartment for the last night. And I’ll experience my last day at work. There’s a lot more “lasts” coming, too, but each one gets me that much closer to what’s coming up next… because seeing something end always brings the start to something new. And boy, oh boy, is there ever some new stuff coming at me! Bring it on! I’m ready!


The last catalog cover I’ll probably be on. And my marketing coworkers signed it for me! How sweet! :)

(A couple of blog drafts I’m currently working on are one on planning and one with Q&A – so if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message and I’ll try to include it in my Q&A entry!)


3 thoughts on “A series of “lasts”

  1. Congrats Robin!! Wishing you and Adam tons of fun, excitement and adventure!! Good for you guys! You have always been such an inspiration and this is again another example of how inspiring you really are! So I’ll watch for you on Shipping Wars on A&E until then you go girl!!! Happy Trails!!!

  2. Thanks Alan! And yeah – feel free to share, that would be cool! :)

    …there should be a FB share button at the bottom of each entry next to “Share this.” Please let me know if you don’t see it there… I’m still fairly new to WordPress, and if it’s not there, I can double-check my settings.

  3. Hey Robin, I’ve been following your upcoming adventure. You are a good writer. I can’t wait till April either!

    I’d like to share some of your blogs on my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/crestblessings?ref=hl if thats ok with you. I didn’t see a link on your blog to easily share there so I guess copy and paste?

    Please let me know if you mind that. Thanks, Alan Masters

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