I wrote up a blog draft of all the stuff I’m overwhelmed about, and then I reread my last blog post, which I felt weird about posting anyway… it’s all kind of weird and random and unorganized, and I realized that I’m at crunch time and my head is a mess! And my current draft wasn’t any different. It was a rambling of all the things – in GREAT detail – that I’m overwhelmed about. I still wanted to share some of it, since it’s a big part in getting ready to go, so I decided I’d write this entry instead. Even though it’s long, it’s still shorter than my last version… and hopefully more organized.

I decided to turn the rambling into a list, because when I look at a list of things I feel happy. Even if they’re things I need to do. Even if I don’t get to everything (which I rarely do) it organizes my thoughts. I really think once I’m hiking it’s going to much more simple, and you’ll be reading about things like pretty flowers, mountain peaks, tough climbs, snow cups, food, holey socks, Snickers, hot weather, cold weather, hikers, stink, and probably more about food. I can’t wait for that. So bear with me… this is prep time, so it’s probably not quite as exciting as what’s to come. For now I’m sort of a scatterbrain… if you haven’t already been able to tell!

Anyway, lists… to give you an idea of what’s going through my mind before taking off on such a life-changing adventure. Okay, wait… confession: to give MYSELF an idea of what’s going through my mind before taking off on a life-changing adventure. It’s crazy, man.

I’m overwhelmed about:

Moving: We have to be out of our apartment by the end of this month. The big stuff has to be out soon because we have my dad’s pickup truck for a week while they’re vacationing in Florida – we plan to take care of that tomorrow. We also have to finish packing, taking trips to Goodwill, organize and clean.

Budget: We are in the process of transitioning our budget of saving as much as we can, to spreading that savings out to last us a year. Adam is taking the bulk of this job, and he’s doing a really good job! Thank you, Adam!

Vehicle: Will our 8-year old Vue hold out for us? What are our options? Alternatives? Backup plans? *cringe* Is it worth getting a new, guarantee-reliable car at this point? Will budget-fudging allow it?

Training: I haven’t had as much training time recently as I’d like for a couple of reasons. One is laziness. I need to get off my booty and work out more and run more to keep up my cardio. I’m going to be needing it! It’s also winter, and it’s been a cold one. It takes me an hour to drive to good hiking trails. Hmm, what else? Doesn’t matter. These are all excuses and I need to turn them off and get it goin’. I think I’ll push for a hike this Sunday.

Insurance: Health Insurance companies won’t cover me because of my health history. I’ve been so spoiled with my awesome insurance through work, so this has been a tough transition. But thankfully we’ve found a pretty darn good alternative with a travel insurance. Nobody is going to cover my “pre-existing condition” without us using our entire savings, so we’re going to have to go on the hopes that I don’t relapse this year. I’m confident I won’t. I’ve kicked Aplastic Anemia’s ass and it knows it. I just wish that counted when looking for health insurance!

Saying Good-bye: We’ve been trying as best we can to get together with friends as a last “hurrah.” We’re have a going-away party we’re planning in Oshkosh (to be announced soon!), and my parents are in the thought stages of having a family get-together with a typical Laatsch bonfire. Boo-yah! Exciting! But, wait… sad, pouty face. I love my friends and family and I’m going to miss them a TON!

Work: I will miss the work I do. I really enjoy laying out catalogs. I won’t miss sitting at a computer 40 hours a week, though. Honesty there. I will miss a consistent paycheck and benefits. But the tradeoff is worth it to me. From an ad I saw in a magazine a few years ago – and has been hanging on my cubicle wall since:

“This is a freak. He eats nature. Sleeps nature. He drinks nature in. His highways are trails. His cubicle is a peak. And the best part of his day is his commute.”

This will be my new existence, and over the next year you’ll get a taste of the happiness it brings me — because I’m going to share the love out of it through this blog!


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