Totally random prep notes 2

Even more random prep notes:

Regarding girly-backpacking vanity, last August I took a trip to Montana with some friends to the Beartooth/Absaroka mountains for a fun-filled backpacking trip for a week. I took my make-up off before we left for that trip and haven’t worn any since… with the exception of a couple of special occasions. It’s been great. I’ve never messed with make-up while backpacking before, so I figured why should I mess with it anywhere else? It was a good change.

No makeup. Well, except for the natural stuff... this is me, Rachel and my mom getting pretty with the dirt.

No makeup. Well, except for the natural stuff… this is me, Rachel and my mom getting pretty with the dirt (August 2011).

Halfway through 2012 I stopped washing my hair every day. I work out almost every day (and sweat quite a bit) so I would still shower and wet my hair down, but I’d skip the shampoo every other day, and only condition every few days. I figured this will hopefully help prepare my hair and scalp for going 3-4 days (or more) without a shower. I’m not a fan of the greasy hair that plasters itself to my head when backpacking – especially while wearing a hat because it actually becomes uncomfortable. So I’m hoping this will help the oils calm down a bit.

I will be shaving my legs and armpits when I get into towns…  for those of you that care. :)

Adam offered to do my laundry. Um… this will be a true love test at its best. If he can get through 5-6 months of my sock stench and still love me, then that’s a big deal. Our laundry strategy is simple (besides dealing with the stinks). I have two full sets of clothes going with me to make this work. While I’ve got one clothing kit on me (what I’m wearing and what’s in my pack), Adam will have the other clothing kit so he can wash it while I’m on the trail. When I see him at our next rendezvous, we’ll swap clothing kits. Easy peasy. Hey, if you’ve got a super-awesome hubby driving your bounce box along the trail, why not take advantage of awesome things like this? Besides… him doing laundry allows me more time to drink milkshakes when we hit towns! Yeah!

Chicken Bouillon for my food kit. Yes, this is exciting!

Chicken Bouillon for my food kit. Yes, this is exciting!

Last night I got all excited about transferring chicken bouillon to old medicine bottles to keep in my food kit. It’s an easy way to add flavor and/or salt to almost any meal. Also, you would not believe the bins full of Knorr noodle and rice sides we have. And instant taters. And instant oatmeal. And granola bars. And more. And I have to put a plug here for my friend, David, who graciously donated a ton of this stuff to us. THANK YOU, DAVID! You rock! Seriously.

And there's SO much more food!

And there’s SO much more food!

I’m unsubscribing from a bunch of emails I usually get so my inbox doesn’t get flooded while I’m on the trail. I’m keeping my PCT-L notifications (which is a popular email-based forum for PCT users), and a couple of daily devotional emails, and emails from my local Backpacking Meetup group. I hope to see all the fun trips they’re going on this year because I’m going to miss them all!

Permit update — I finished filling out my “Entrance into Canada via the PCT” permit application and it has been sent in! That’s an exciting step! It will be even more exciting when I get the actual permit in hand! Woo-hoo! Next up, PCT thru-hiking permit in mid-February when they start sending those out.

I will need a permit to enter Canada via the PCT.

I will need a permit to enter Canada via the PCT.

Last night I finished organizing maps – I have 28 gallon-size ziplock bags with duplex-printed topo maps with GPS waypoints (thank-you, Halfmile and Yogi!!) all sectioned out from Mexico to Canada. We also got all of our food storage into Rubbermaid bins so we can safely store them, all organized-like, in my parent’s basement. They’ll be sending us resupply along our route. I have a list of a few  more bulk things I need to purchase as far as food goes.



It’s getting there. We’re almost ready to roll.

Next Friday, Adam is rolling out our first Disco Pickle PCT video, so watch for that! It’s going to be super-exciting!

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